Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Black Watch Get New Colors at the Seaside Highland Games

RSM, Mike Benjamin– Accepts the Colors from Dr Neil McLeod
This week end the 12th and 13th of October 2012 saw the holding of the 10th annual Seaside Highland Games, John and Nellie Lowry's great gift to Southern California.  What a tremendous job they and their team of supporters have done in continuing this tradition.  The guests of honor were Richard and Kate Graham the Chieftain of Clan Graham in North America, appointed by the 8th Duke of Montrose in 1992.  They had a family dinner which I was fortunate enough to attend,  before reciting Angus MacIntyre's "The SS Politician" at the Saturday night Ceilidh. The real life story of this legendary tale can be heard from a living witness Joe MacAskill.

Apart from telling tales in my tent as Story Teller for the Games, the high point of the week-end for me was the presentation of Black Watch Colors to  for the 42nd Black Watch Highland Society.

These colors were made by my friend John Pomeroy, the artist and illustrator and animator, who before leaving Los Angeles for Tennessee, presented to me the beautiful flag he had made which bore the insignia of my father, Lieutenant Colonel Roderick McLeod's regiment.  John had made the flag up for some movie detail he was working upon, and since his leaving I have guarded the flag in my garage.  John told me this standard is a exact copy of the 42nd Regimental colour use at Quatre Bras & Waterloo. Now thankfully it will really be appreciated by a society of Black Watch enthusiasts.
The new Colors proudly flying

A high point each day was the appearance by the 1st Marine Division Band.  These soldiers dismissed themselves in first class fashion bring smiles and tear of emotion  as they commanded everyone's attention.  The Music  and the presentations were first class.  See them as they play as the Black Watch parade their new colors.

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