Monday, May 10, 2010

Cricket Song

In Kenya the call of the crickets is a well loved bush sound, which for many was a sign of safety and peace. The crickets would chirp away all night unless something approached. Then all would be still and alert, ready for the intruder. Many settlers have them as their ‘watch dogs’, and they would awaken if the song stopped.

God’s Wee Watchman

Who is God’s wee watchman
Chirping through the night?
Who lets us know that all is safe
That everything’s alright?
Is company when we’re wakeful
Who softens night like dew,
Who lulls to sleep with singing
Oh little cricket, it’s you.

And should you stop your singing
And all the dark is still
We’ll wake and lie there listening
And hold our breath until
The comfort of your laughter
Dispels the fear of harm
Oh little cricket it is you
Who signals the alarm

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Cat Gone

Too late to the rescue
Too slow out of bed
I heard the Coyote howling
Jar my dreaming sleep with dread.
I heard the mournful mewing
I knew it was too late,
By letting her be out at night
She kept her date with fate.

This was not the first time,
And it won’t be the last,
The neighbor dog’s gave the alarm
The time was coming fast.
I didn’t rise to face him
Bare footed in the chill
To make him drop the sad remains
And drive him up the hill.

Too late to the rescue,
Too late out of bed
I heard the Coyote howling,
I knew the cat was dead.
It was just a little feral
Not a real pet
But when I heard the meow I knew,
It’s too late for the vet.