Sunday, July 04, 2010

Keeping Up To Date Professionally

Continuing Dental Education is a constant feature in my professional life. There is always something new to learn and one is never able to be completely up to date. The highlight in my “academic refreshment program” is participating in the “Pacific Coast Society for Prosthodontics” congress each year, it was the seventy fifth anniversary of the society. This organization of Prosthodontic experts holds its annual meeting in the summer in a different west coast location each year. Papers are presented by original researchers on their recent findings and research. This year it was at the Silverado Resort in Napa, and Nancy and I got away sans children for the first time in many a year.

The Links from the club house at the Silverado Resort

Apart from the updates in the latest porcelain for dental crowns and how the use of implants is growing and improving, we also enjoyed fine wine and a drive up the Napa Valley passing many now famous named vineyards on the way. The setting seems idyllic, rows of neatly groomed vines narrowing away to the gentle hillsides dotted with classically Tuscan or Provencal looking homes and tasting rooms, dabbed with yellow ocher on the fields of green.

One private night out we dined at Neela’s, where caterer and authoress Leena Paniz has set up her new enterprise to bring Indian haut cuisine to Napa. One doesn’t usually associate Indian flavors as being well accompanied by wine, but clearly, though we stuck with Kingfisher Ale, many of the patrons were choosing the local vintages. The food was excellent. The Palak paneer, Cornish game hen and the lamb kebab were delicately spiced and delicious. There was one other thing to note, oh her breads, they are cheese dressed warm and moist. Mmmh! Neela catered a reception one evening and taught a cooking class for the spouses.

A special bindi for each lady

The president’s installation ball was a big hit, and was in the Bollywood theme inspired by Dr. Arun Sharma, our outgoing president. As we entered the ladies were offered beautiful bindis to match their outfits.

Pukah Sahib and Memshib

Later when the dancers came on the whole room was inspired by their vigor, and when they asked us up to join with them the entire audience got up to dance.

75th anniversary pin I designed for the PCSP

Crowded floor