Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wedding Poem

Do you recall my darling
  before my hair turned grey,
We each made a promise
  to honor and obey.
You with stephanotis
  for your bride’s bouquet,
I am thinking of that now -
  our son is married today.

We asked God together
 for blessing and for grace,
Left the church and climbed the hill
 to reach this very place.
With gathered friends and family
 we shared a fine soiree -
I am thinking of that as
 our son is married today.

The years have come and gone so fast
 the children came and grew,
Each in their turn will forge a path
 to make a life that’s new.
Amazed we gaze contented
 So what is there left to say
But thank God for His blessings as
 our son is married today.

There I see the family of
 my son’s bonnie bride
Who’ve traveled far to be with us
 and stand there by her side.
Here we are bound for ever
 in harmony we pray
United by our children
 who are married here today.

And you our guests who witness
 their nuptial array
We thank you all for being here
 and ask you to portray
In unison your fond support
 together as we pray
That we will long remember
 for our son is married today.

For Roddy and Bilyana who were married on May 27th 2017