Monday, August 19, 2013

New Book - The Illustrated Adress To A Haggis

Twenty years in the preparation, and illustrated with Colin Bailey's hysterically funny cartoons, The Illustrated Address To A Haggis in now in print.'s CreateSpace is just the most wonderful service for authors.  They make putting a book together a breeze.
The book contains Robert Burns' famous "Ode To A Haggis", "The Tartan Whatnot", "The Fallen Haggis", and "Horace", some great recipes  and stories and a couple of dances by John Drewry, the renowned choreographer of Scottish Country Dances.  The illustrations were drawn specifically to explain the meaning of the words in the poems.

The tales are a wee bit naughty, just enough to cause a blush but nothing that could not be recited in public and grand dinners, as has frequently occurred.  "Horace" is by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame, When I asked him if I might have permission to print his poem his reply was, "Permission given, I think I would like to see this gent's booklet, it sounds nice and quirky.

Having slain haggis for over thirty years and often at the Tam O'Shanter, I have featured the restaurant and the famous Chef Ivan, amongst the pages. Here we are with the entertainers.

Well there you have it, the book is on sale now! You favorable reviews will be much appreciated.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Physical Therapist Wins Silver

A Networking Story

On August 9th, Cathy Cahill, the well known West Side Physical Therapist, received a special award for going the extra mile. Cathy is President of the Executive LeTip of West Los Angeles, an eighty seven member strong, committed networking group.  She was presented with her Silver Badge by Douglas Christian, the Insurance agent and president of West Side Referrals. Networking is all about bringing guests and finding out how you and they can refer to each other.  It takes bringing lots of guests and having ten of them enroll as club members to be awarded a Silver Badge.  Cathy has done this, and is an example to us all.  She is an excellent therapist too!
Presidents L-R Barry Sikov, Charlie Farrel, Diana Hobson, Eric Hatfield, Cathy Cahill, Rick Baum, Cathe Caraway-Howard,
 Brian Whitney, Eve Mazzara, and Neil McLeod
Photo by David Blattel

Executive LeTip has been networking and cross referring business in Los Angeles for twenty years. You could even say we are established.  There was a big celebration last month to commemorate the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of our founding.  Diana Hobson, the principle founder, was there, with Charlie Farrel and Barry Sikov both former members and past presidents, and others who have served in that capacity.  Rick Baum saw fit to Saber the Champagne to commemorate the occasion.  It was a novel addition to our breakfast fare.
President's Challenge Cup Winners L-R Anna Virgen, Philip Gershater, Renee Goldberg (Seated), Martin Horwitz, Rick Baum, Brian Whitney, Neil McLeod, Robert Portillo, Rich Ramer and Eve Mazzara
Photo by David Blattel

You will notice that among the President Challenge Cup winners, that Cathy Cahill is in the ranks.
So join me in congratulating Cathy!

Time for a new badge