Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hilda Lane - Frozen in Time

Hilda Lane
1929 - 2010

Hilda Lane, the graphic artist and illustrator, was the owner of the Hollywood Sign Company, and consequently knew just about everyone of significance in town. She was a great friend and compatriot when I lived in Laurel Canyon, and was on my team during my presidency of the Lookout Mountain Associates. We had enormous fun fighting for good causes and planning Oktoberfests. She also loved the Wajinga gatherings of East African enthusiasts. She lived alone in a house she and her husband built, that became frozen in time after he died in a private plane crash.

On the hill crest above Laurel Canyon
With a view of the city and sea
There’s a ginger bread cookie house chateaux
Where I’ve been invited for tea.
There are carvings on gable and roof line
Repeated in each window frame,
There’s a garden surrounding this sanctuary
The home of my friend Hilda Lane.

I would just say a word about Hilda
Who lived all alone on the hill,
Her life it was thoughtful and generous
Filled with good deeds and spreading good will.
If a cause ever needed a champion,
To Hilda its advocates climbed,
She would listen intent to the story,
Weigh it carefully, and make up her mind.

Now if Hilda decided she liked you,
And she liked the idea that you brought
She would put all her effort behind it
And together the battle was fought.
I had a fine friend Hilda
An ally who never would wane
And together we vanquished the dragons
That haunted each chosen campaign.

Hilda lived all alone on her hilltop
Since her husband’s plane fell from the sky,
And she kept every nuance in order
No matter how fast years went by.
And nothing was changed in her life style
Not a curtain, a cup or a line
And she drove the same car down the hillside
From her Swiss Chalet frozen in time.

Neil McLeod 10.30.2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Highland Games in Fresno

When my family were busy, Justin Sloggat, the producer at Six-14 Productions Inc, ran away with me to the Highland Games in Fresno. I have been the story teller up there for years, and I wanted to capture the mood of the event. I really like what Justin has done here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bill Gates on Israel

Please check out this wonderful short impression of the Israeli contribution to our lives. There is so much inferred in such a simple humble way. There is no question that we must support this country against its detractors, not to do so would be cutting off our noses to spite our faces.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Tribute to John Lennon at LeTip

With thanks to Julie Hopkins, the Portrait Photographer, who shot this footage with her phone, here is the tribute to John Lennon, sung by Michael Tan, the Home Theater specialist. Michael Greenfield of Ace of Hearts Entertainment played guitar, and I am on the harmonica. It was a good effort.