Monday, October 31, 2011

When I’m Sixty Four - cake and a bottle of wine.

I was sixty four yesterday, and after church we all went off with Miss Maddie Merritt, a Hillsdale graduate, to Newport Beach to meet with our good friends the Kendal-Bells and the Hoffmans for an afternoon of gentle sumptuousness. We said grace and enjoyed a really good meal, with wine and ate Mrs. McLeod’s chocolate cake which you can imagine is to die for. I have been attempting to sing and whistle the old Beatles Song but they won’t let me get a breve out.

Photo courtesy of Susan Kendal Bell

Yummy Platter

Maddie Merritt, with Pamela and wee Lizzie Hoffman

Monday, October 17, 2011

Chris Covell at the Cafe Audrey

Celebrating a friend’s twenty first birthday has always got to be something special, and ours for Chris Covell, the Chapman Film Student, most certainly was. After church on Sunday the McLeods and the Covells pitched over to the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood for and excellent performance by The Actors Co-op of “To Kill A Mockingbird”. Not to be missed, all the performers made this dramatization become captivatingly alive.

Afterwards we convoyed off to the Cafe Audry . We loved this little restaurant tucked away on Las Palmas off Hollywood Boulevard. The theme of Audrey Hepburn adds a delightful old Hollywood feeling to a menu of tasty treats. My tuna melt did just that in my mouth.

Audrey’s quotations are sprinkled here and there and one looks down from the ceiling. With a chef who comes out to make sure his customers are enjoying their fare we could not go wrong.

Chris got a new Tee Shirt to celebrate the occasion

Our caravan continued to our home for an airing of “How To Steal A Million” the 1966 Hepburn /O’Toole comedy. We all fell in love with Audrey again and it made a perfect end to a beautiful day.