Saturday, October 24, 2015

Jilly Beans Coffee House Hillsdale

The Coffee Nook

I’m going down to Jilly Beans
I have to take a break,
I need a cup of coffee
And a slice of lemon cake.
I’ll sit there by the fireplace
Or in the corner nook,
Reviewing my last lecture notes
Or reading through a book.

Jill is always smiling,
She treats staff and custom well,
Even when its hopping,
They’re happy you can tell.
Local hand made treasures
Can be conned when you’re in line.
Get your card punched for each cup
One’s free - after nine.

Have you been to Jilly Beans
In Hillsdale by the square?
They serve quiche and turkey wraps
And lovely fresh baked fare.
You can sit there quietly
Or natter with your chums,
The place is quite the watering hole
For Hillsdale College “alums”.