Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Live Not By Lies

 We all know, we can all see that our country and our culture is falling apart. The fulfilment of the biblical prophetic predictions are occuring before our eyes and tragically the vast majority of the population are either silent or do not care to question what is happening. They are decieved into accepting or thinking that it is all a part of progress;  that it is all for the good, for the benefit of all and they are wrong, dead wrong.

If you have been shocked by the wokeness that we are seeing transition into an accepted way of life, if you have found a favorite book that has been rewritten with wording the the author never wrote, if you feel that you are being taxed  to pay for causes that you do not believe in you are not alone, but you may be a part of a small but important significant minority - and your voice is not being heard unlike eveyone elses.

Then you must read this book "Live Not By Lies" by Rod Dreher