Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Marjorie Neely at Ninety

Saturday the 20th of June saw a great celebration for an accomplished age. Family from far and near gathered to pay tribute to Marjorie Neely who has turned ninety.

All her children, Dan from Montana, Richard from Oregon, John from Florida,  Paula from Santa Cruz, Nancy from Los Angeles and Jenny from Redding, Northern California, converged on her grand daughter Christine's home in Woodland just north of Sacramento.  What a throng with grandchildren all around!  The drums were throbbing and their was singing and even a poem specially written for the occasion.  Dressed in blue and surrounded by love, it was a grand occasion.

At Ninety
for Marjorie Neely

Grandma has turned ninety
That’s what we’re gathered for,
With friends and family all around
I’m just a son in law.
But just like every one of you
I feel my life is better,
For she’d not let a birthday by
Without a card or letter.

Grandma has turned ninety
Her children are all near,
To celebrate this milestone
They’ve traveled to be here.
Recently days have been filled
Rifling through box and drawer
To come up with mementos
Of the times we love her for.

Grandma has turned ninety,
Oh! I recall the day
We gathered at the airport
And for Scotland flew away.
At every turn she did her bit,
We were glad that she came,
We had three little ones in tow
In car and train and plane.

Grandma has turned ninety
Her daughter is my bride,
To say I love them, just like you
’s’a truth I cannot hide.
And should you con the snaps we take
Around Thanksgiving time,
They are both together with us all
Standing in the line.

Grandma has turned ninety,
She can’t do all that’s new,
She doesn’t post on facebook much
And e-mail like you do.
But she has got a tale to tell
Which you won’t want to miss,
So gather round and listen,
And give Grandma a kiss.

Grandma has turned ninety,
I recall when as a groom
She danced at our wedding
In that big living room.
With the family all around us
Just like we are today,
Another reason to give thanks,
To bow our heads and pray.

Grandma has turned ninety
Our warrior in prayer,
At every turn for each of us
She asks God for his care.
So when a blessing’s given
Or a bounty that we share,
We should offer thanks for her
And thank Him that she’s there.

Grandma has turned ninety
This is a ripe old age
It may be the last chapter
But what a glowing page.
We don’t count the hours,
I think you’ll understand
But we’re glad she’s with us today
So let’s give her a hand!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Precision Attachment Alternative to Implants

Implants are a wonderful innovation, we use them in dentistry to replace missing teeth.  For those who do not want implants, or do not have the bone to place implants the precision attachment partial is often and extremely viable alternative.

It is possible to make partial dentures that do not show in the smile, which can restore the function of the mouth. Furthermore it is possible to design and provide such treatments in a month.  A great time saving.  Remember, implants frequently require bone grafts to support them which take three months to organize into solid bone, and then the implant itself can take three to six months to integrate before it can be finally restored.

Precision attachments are an excellent alternative if you have some well supported teeth which can be used to support them.

Here is an example of missing teeth in the upper jaw being replaced with a precision attachment retained removable bridge. This extraordinary crown and bridgework was engineered by Renzo Casellini at Swiss Quality Dental implant Studio, with whom I have had the pleasure to work since 1976.

This is a Ceka retained Precision Attachment removable bridge

So if you are someone you know needs advanced restorative dentistry consider send them to me for a review.  I have been making smiles functional and beautiful in Hollywood for nearly forty years.