Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Don't Rush To Brush

The familiar recommendation to brush our teeth after meals has now been proved to be wrong, and that our propensity to enjoy acidic food predisposes us to having slightly etched teeth with their enamel protein matrix exposed. Immediate brushing damages the exposed matrix and prevents recrystallization of the of the external calcium hydroxyapatite crystals. We should wait for and hour or so.

Have you ever bitten into a lemon
And noticed how rough each tooth grows?
Well, they have been etched
And their protein matrix,
Where enamel’s dissolved, is exposed.

But check your teeth two hours later
The feeling of roughness is gone,
Your saliva you see
Quite miraculously
Grows the crystals back all on its own.

A lot of our foods are acidic,
We like that it gives them a “bite”,
But the protein’s exposed
On which enamel grows,
And brushing that off isn’t right.

So don’t rush to brush after eating.
If you must brush then do it before,
They’ve been teaching us wrong
For ever so long,
And we shouldn’t do that any more.

We used to say brush after eating,
Which would ruin the lingering flavor
The reason they grieve,
Was the food that you leave?
On your teeth does the germs a big favor.

Enjoy your food while you can taste it,
Take time to relax when you’re done.
Don’t rush to brush
And make all that fuss,
It isn’t right and it’s not fun.