Saturday, February 11, 2006

Falling In Love And Staying There

Well it is that time again when we are obliged, not that it is a chore, but we are pressured to be a little more romantic than may be usual. I welcome and embrace the Saints Day. It gives me a chance to tell how blessed I am to have been married to my sweetheart, and that to this day our loves grows day by day.

I look at the ring on my left hand and I remember the poem I gave to my wife, Nancy, when we were only two years wed. It still rings true today.

Ecclesiastes 4:12
I gave my love three bands of gold
On a summer's day so fair,
All bound they were and intertwined
As braids of her golden hair.

Three bands I gave to my sweet love
Each one to pledge my troth,
To love, to cherish, have and hold
No matter where we rove.

Each golden band I gave to her
Will ever a symbol be,
To love with body, heart and mind
The flower she gave to me.

And summer days will come and go
And time will play his part,
But nought will dull the luster
Of the love within my heart.

And on my hand I wear a band
Of three wound rings of gold,
They 'mind me of my promise to
The love I dearly hold.

January 7, 1992
On the other hand, the expectation that someone will tell you that they love you can be a demand that spoils the spontaneity of freely expressed passion, and this next poem addresses this point.


Do not ask me to say I love you
And look sadly up to me with those deep dark eyes
Do not be like some timid furry animal
Unsure of my affections and fearing I shall say go.

Do not ask me to say I love you
Those words rob me of my free choice to say I truly love
And compel me as though I were cornered
And have to argue.

If I say nothing
You'll stir and sigh,
Or answer, you'll doubt the reply
For no more than an idle phrase.

Rather say “come love”, then kiss me
I shall follow till from the wave's crest
I'll say the real words.
For like the waves love comes and goes.

So do not ask.

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