Sunday, June 05, 2011

John MacArthur - Unprecedented Preaching Achievement

By any standard Grace Community is a big and successful Church, and with good reason, for sound fundamental Christianity is taught there verse by verse every week. The teaching of John MacArthur feeds the need for honest down to earth understandable exposition of God's Word. You can doubt all you want, but once you have heard it you will know the truth of it.

Today was a milestone in the history of this amazing worship center. In a sanctuary packed as usual, John MacArthur brought to a close what can only be described as a nearly unprecedented achievement in his or any other preacher's long career as shepherd of his flock. Today as he brought to a conclusion his study of the Gospel of Mark, he completed a forty three year sojourn through the entire New Testament. All these sermons were from the same pulpit.

John MacArthur is firm and forthright, never wavering in his criticism of sins of our time. He fully recognizes that Christianity is under attack and teaches us the basic truths to which we must attend if we are to achieve the gift of eternal life with our Lord.

His sermons are packed with substantial insights into the real meaning of every verse. Never have I enjoyed the Word of God so clearly explained.

Together with his unfaltering teaching style there is a humor that is playful and understanding of our human foibles.
Showing his humanity and ongoing love for his wife, John presented Patricia with a beautiful rose to thank her for all her support during this academic and preaching epic.

I asked John how he managed to collect and collate all the information he has used to produce the over three thousand five hundred sermons, which are all recorded and available on line through Grace To You, and how big his staff was. His answer, "Neil, I mine all my own data."

Dr. MacArthur, President of the Master's College, and pastor of Grace Community Church is nothing short of phenomenal.


Mike Auen said...

I was saved in 1995 and shortly thereafter introduced to John MacArthur teaching tapes. I listened to them over and over again. Wore several of them out. Free MP3s on the GTY website really opened my world more to the truth of John's preaching. I now pastor a small non-denominational church here in Virginia and it is obvious his teaching is reflected in my preaching. And that's a very good thing. The truth matters!

Neil McLeod said...

Thank you Mike for your input. John MacArthur returned today to start his new work,the references in the old testament that relate to Christ. God is truly working through this amazing vessel.
Dr Neil