Saturday, September 03, 2011

Farewell to Othello

Farewell Furry Fellow
My condolences to Rick Baum on his loss of his beloved dog, Othello. We will miss Othello's visits to Le Tip during our morning meetings.

Farewell Othello, furry fellow,
Friend was never loved as thee,
Even in your failing form
The gift of joy flowed fast and free
In all who stroked your coat.
Content you were at foot to lie
While any respondents pet,
Drawing enamored smiles and sighs
From every one you met
Who deigned to rub your throat.

You will not have seen the teary eye
In your tensed master’s face,
Nor heard the faltering in his voice
As he imparts with grace
The loss of his beloved hound.
But we who still have eyes that see,
And empathic hearts that beat,
Will long recall nostalgically
The comfort and the therapy
In your blithe spirit found.

Neil Stewart McLeod - August 19th 2011

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