Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Harness the Power of Technology" - Orange Country Cental Society

Hats off to Orange County Dental Society for hosting a first class Technology forum.  This meeting was a pleasure to attend, not because I was the opening speaker talking about web presence and social media for dentists, but because of the way it was organized and the high quality of each of the presentations made on subjects we all need to know more about.

From beginning to end this was an excellent event.  There was good food at every break, excellent corporate support with a wide range of dental support companies promoting their products and a speaking program with enough time to for each speaker to get their points across.
Mark Maxwell

 and his team did an excellent  job

Immediate Past President

David L. Guichet

was the Program Director
and I especially want to thank Laura Petersen who is the Executive Director for the Orange County Deatal  Society who was my contact person.

The venue was the Anaheim Hilton and there was a  broad based corporate sponsorship for the event. The schedule of lectures can be viewed here: the following topis were discussed.:

Dr. Lyndon Cooper D.D.S., Ph.D. showed that digital dentistry is here in his talk entitled

Digital Dentistry at a Tipping Point

Scott Ganz, DMD
Advances in 3D Digital Imaging Modalites and Beyond

Cloud Computing. . .The Future of Dental Informatics   
Rick Roblee, DDS

Digital Clinical Dentistry with Dr Baldwin Marchak DDS, MBA always an entertaining speaker

Effective Social Networking. . .An Essential Marketing Tool  myself

Georgios E. Romanos, DDS, PhD, Prof. gave a  tremendous expose on
Lasers in Dentistry. . .Enlighten Yourself

Secure Your Patients Data. . .Don't Be a Victim  - Ron Vesely

Train with the Trainer  - Karina Santos taught how important it is to be up to date with the new features of your dental software particularly Dentrix
Michael Unthank, DDS talked on Transitioning to Paperless

Corporate Forums

This event should have been attended by members from all the various dental societies in the area.

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