Saturday, November 24, 2012

Anselmo - Return to the Chapel on the Hill

Today we revisited Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, the chapel on the hills at the Anselmo Vineyards.
What an astonishing accomplishment Reverge Anselmo has achieved.  What a blessing to the community and all who visit.

We dined to celebrate Nancy's birthday, and Reverge allowed us to sample his fine Cabernet wine, which is rich, smooth, round and sweet, with a fruity nose. The food is delectable and the chef takes a great personal delight in creating memorable dishes impeccably displayed.

After lunch we walked up through the vineyard to the new sanctuary. immediately one is struck by the completeness of the project which a year ago was having the roof placed on the tower.  Thoughtfully placed Cypress trees add a traditional old world timelessness to our approach of this inspirational setting.

Ascending the tower one can take in the view down across the daintily groomed vines to the ranch buildings set among the oak trees, and out in the distance the snow-capped peaks of Mount Lassen. Beside you are three handsome bells, Bernadette, Simeon and John. The castings are beautiful and the tones that peel out over the valley are perfectly pitched.

The completed sanctuary exquisite with a mosaic of Abraham and the visit from the three angels above the altar, (Genesis 18:2), an iconic recreation of the Rublev's Trinity.

The view out of the huge church doors is of the vineyards and the distant mountains.

We left enriched and uplifted from the experience,

and will surely return!