Saturday, March 16, 2024

 I strongly recommend this book.  It makes the case clearly that our society is corrupting at a remarkable rate and that the primary victims are our children.

The Publishers have written the following:

This world has declared war on our children. Every day, on a multitude of battlefronts, Satan is deploying weapons of mass corruption against our children. Modern culture has been systematically designed with an agenda that is aggressively anti-God, anti-Christ, and anti-Scripture, intended to corrupt and consume young, impressionable hearts and minds. As God’s people, we need to teach our children God’s Word; train them in righteousness; and above all, give them our extravagant love.

About the Author:

John MacArthur is pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, California, Chancellor of The Master’s University and Seminary, teacher and voice heard globally through his media ministry Grace to You, and author of numerous best-selling books, including his New Testament commentary series and The MacArthur Study Bible. He has spent over 50 years preaching through every verse of the New Testament and much of the Old Testament while being a featured speaker at conferences around the world. John and his wife Patricia have been married for over sixty years and have four children, fifteen grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

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