Thursday, November 11, 2010

Frances Cecelia McLeod turns 95

Mother of Mine

For Frances Cecelia McLeod 95 years old on November 15th 2010

Long before the eye-light twinkled
Mother of mine, Mother of mine
E’re his forehead for me wrinkled
Mother of mine.
You by God’s hand were selected
So we were raised up and protected
And guided in this early time,
Mother of mine!

When the twinkle dimmed and faded,
Mother of mine, Mother of mine,
And our lives grew grim and jaded,
Mother of mine.
You buoyed us up with your intention
Of disappointments made no mention
Filled our hearts with song and rhyme
Mother of mine!

So your life has not been wasted
Mother of mine, Mother of mine,
Sweet has been the life we tasted
Mother of mine!
And the time that still remains
As the hour glass slowly drains,
Is a gift that is sublime,
Oh mother of mine!

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